How to Clean-Up Nitric Acid Spill

Nitric acid is a colorless inorganic acid when it’s pure. The exposure of the nitric acid chemical to other nitrogen oxides chemicals creates a yellowish color. This acid dissolves metals, irons, copper, and silver. Commonly used in fertilizer production for plants and grass, nitric acid can also be seen in facilities that have a business in woodworking, sanitizing, rocket propulsion, and metal finishing.

Nitric acid is a dangerous chemical! Workers should wear protective equipment such as gloves or face shields to prevent skin contamination from nitric acid. Skin contact with nitric acid results in severe burns and irritation to the eye. Workers are at risk, as it can be exposed through inhalation and even passed through the skin. Clean-up should be immediate when nitric acid spills in the laboratory, workshop, or on the industrial floor. Amphomag® provides simple steps to make sure the spill is under control and ensuring workers are safe.

Your Chemical Spill Response

Amphomag is ideal to have in your safety and spill response supplies to neutralize small amounts of chemical spills like nitric acid.

  • Use quickly and safely to treat spills
  • No dangerous side effects
  • No dangerous gas, heating, or splashing

Amphomag Beats the Competition

Compared to other spill clean-up products, Amphomag is a one-stop hazardous spill neutralizer. With its unique pH indicator, Amphomag can identify and neutralize most hazardous spills. Discover other ways Amphomag® is the better solution.

3 Steps to Nitric Acid Spill Cleanup

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