Hazardous chemicals present physical or health threats to laboratory workers. They include carcinogens, toxins, irritants, corrosives, sensitizers, hepatotoxins, nephrotoxins and neurotoxins. Chemicals have the ability to react when exposed to other chemicals or certain physical conditions. When chemical reactions are not properly managed, they can have harmful or even catastrophic consequences, such as toxic fumes, fires, and explosions.

Amphomag® Universal Spill Neutralizer can solve your laboratory hazardous spills in a single product. Its innovative amphoteric chemistry makes it a universal neutralizer – it will effectively neutralize acids and bases bringing spilled material to a neutral pH quickly and efficiently.

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Amphomag® Benefits for Laboratory

  • Quicker spill response – the spilled material doesn’t require identification before Amphomag® is applied. Gas neutralizer and adsorbent (i.e. organic and hydrocarbon vapors). 
  • Reduces and prevents pressure build up in disposal containers.
  • Safe and easy to use requiring no special training or safety equipment.
  • Compatible with acids, bases, dangerous volatile organic compounds, and inorganic chemicals like chlorine, ammonia, sulfur dioxide and hydrogen chloride.
  • Produces less heat and spattering than most other available neutralizers.
  • Stable for long-term containment of highly hazardous materials.

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