Amphomag® Universal Spill Neutralizer is trusted by professionals in a variety of industries – police, emergency response, laboratories, and manufacturing. Read the stories below to learn how Amphomag was used to save money, ease a cleanup process, and reduce panic when a spill occurs.

Modern Spill Challenges for First Responders

When first responders arrive at the scene of an emergency, they are there to control the situation and bring people to safety while they wait for other forms of back-up to arrive. They know what to expect when they are called to respond to situations such as car accidents, fires, and crime scenes, and are trained accordingly. But, if they arrive at a scene to find an unidentified substance, there is little they can do to neutralize its potential danger…                                                  

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Quickly Cleanup Unidentified Spills

Hazardous chemicals present physical and health threats to laboratory workers if they are not managed properly. Lab safety procedures and material safety data sheets provide instructions for the management of chemicals used in a lab. However, if an unidentified substance is spilled, these resources become clumsy and cumbersome in a time when reacting quickly and safely is of utmost importance…                                                                                             

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Law Enforcement Meth Lab Cleanup

Methamphetamine labs generate significant environmental hazards, posing an unpredictable danger to the parties who respond to make arrests, process chemicals, and clean so an area is safe to inhabit again.

No two meth labs are alike. According to the U.S.Environmental Protection Agency, they range from minimal, makeshift operations to highly sophisticated labs…                                                                                

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Why Product Life Cycle Matters in a Sustainable Laboratory

Sustainability is more than just a buzzword. Yet, sometimes you wonder if anyone broke that news to product labelers. While companies across all industries have subscribed to sustainable philosophies, made commitments to corporate responsibility, and launched initiatives to reduce their reliance on natural resources, product labels adorned with eye-catching environmental claims can be misleading if buyers don’t do their research…                                                                                                  

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How to Find Funding for Meth Lab Cleanup

State and local law enforcement agencies used to receive the support and expertise of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in clandestine lab remediation. In the past few years, the DEA has stepped back on certified field agents and much of their funding to combat the manufacture of methamphetamine has dried up. Without this cushion, states battling high volumes of meth labs have to find other ways to remain organized, efficient, and effective…                                                 

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