Amphomag commercial application garage

React Fast with Amphomag®

Hazardous spills can happen anywhere, from your home, garage, work, and anywhere inbetween.

  • Reduce property or product damage costs
  • Protect the environment
  • Support your employees’ safety
  • Easy to store

Being prepared for a spill is crucial to keeping everyone safe when these situations occur. Amphomag Universal Spill Neutralizer efficiently handles your spill control needs with its unique ability to neutralize both acids and bases. Amphomag contains an innovative multi-range pH indicator that further simplifies spill response, signaling the all-clear when the threat is neutralized.

Amphomag is commonly used on

  • Acids including Sulfuric, Hydrochloric, Nitric, etc.
  • Bases including Sodium Hydroxide, etc
  • Air reactive and water-reactive liquids
  • Anti-freeze/Engine coolant and other automotive fluids
  • Gasoline and other fuels

For other common uses, please see our application guidelines.

For more information related to specific experience relevant to your application, please contact us