How to Clean-Up Hydrofluoric Acid Spill

Do you work in the petroleum industry, in an industrial setting, or in a laboratory environment? These businesses, and others, use hydrofluoric acid (HF) in various products and services.

Certain spill response products, like clay absorbents, cannot be used on a hydrofluoric acid spill. Attempted use of these products to treat a hydrofluoric acid spill could create a dangerous gas. Due to the limitations of these products, it is important to understand what can and cannot be used to neutralize a hazardous hydrofluoric acid spill.

Your Chemical Spill Response

Amphomag® is ideal to have in your safety and spill response supplies to neutralize small amounts of chemical spills like hydrofluoric acid.

  • Use quickly and safely to treat spills
  • No dangerous side effects
  • No dangerous gas, heating, or splashing
  • Reduces potential of hydrogen fluoride release

Amphomag® Beats the Competition

Compared to other spill clean-up products, Amphomag® is a one-stop hazardous spill neutralizer. Some spill absorbents, such as OIL-DRI, cannot absorb hydrofluoric acid. Amphomag® can, with its unique pH indicator to identify and neutralize most hazardous spills. Discover other ways Amphomag® is the better solution.

Most chemical spill response steps for laboratories need at least 5 steps in their instructions for use before you can apply a neutralizing agent. Even then, you have to find the right neutralizing agent.

Contain and neutralize any spill quicker with Amphomag® – it is the right product for chemical spills.  Order today.

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