Control the Situation Safely and Efficiently

Hazardous materials response teams must be prepared to deal with large spills of potentially dangerous chemicals.

  • Quicker response time – no guessing at the identity of the spilled material.
  • No misapplication – Amphomag’s ability to handle acids and bases makes it the perfect solution in a crisis.
  • Safely controlling spilled liquids and keeping them from entering the environment. 
Hazardous Materials

Each and every hazardous spill response is unique and safety must never be compromised. After arriving on the scene, Amphomag can be used immediately by applying it directly to spills or using it in diking operations.

Amphomag Will

  • Reduce property or product damage costs
  • Protect the environment
  • Support your employees’ safety
  • Store easily

For example, one of the most commonly spilled hazardous materials is sulfuric acid. The primary reason for accidental injuries is mistaking the sulfuric acid for water. The procedure to identify an unknown liquid and treat it with the appropriate response material can be complicated and lengthy. Applying Amphomag is an immediate and safe response, avoiding the dangers a false identification. In the case of sulfuric acid, a color change indicates red for an acid and the sulfuric is safely rendered to harmless Epsom Salt.

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