Amphomag® – The Universal Spill Neutralizer

Premier Magnesia, LLC, a worldwide leader in neutralization chemicals, is proud to manufacture Amphomag Universal Spill Neutralizer for containing and neutralizing hazardous material spills. A truly unique chemistry, Amphomag harnesses the power of magnesium to neutralize and also take advantage of its natural chemical structure, which will not damage the environment. Amphomag, a registered trademark owned by Premier Magnesia, LLC, can be applied in emergency situations to safely and easily control hazardous releases.

Premier Magnesia, LLC

For over 50 years, Premier Magnesia has been manufacturing and supplying a variety of high-quality products for environmental applications, and the company is the sole producer and manufacturer of EnviroBlend treatment products. It owns and operates the only commercial magnesia mine in the United States, in Gabbs, NV.