One Product for Hazardous Spills

Amphomag® Universal Spill Neutralizer efficiently handles your spill control needs due to its unique ability to neutralize acids and bases. Amphomag® contains an innovative multi-range pH indicator that further simplifies spill response. When applied to the spill, the color of Amphomag® turns to red for acids and blue for bases.

Top Benefits of Amphomag®

  • Amphoteric – Treats both acids and bases.
  • Color Indicator – Built-in multi-range pH indicator changes spill color after application and when spill is neutralized.
  • Cost Saver – 1 product for multiple types of chemical spills. Also reduces hazardous material disposal fees.
  • Decrease Health and Safety Risks – Quickly contain and neutralize spill before harming others and environment.
  • Easy to Use – No special training or equipment needed to use.



How to Order Amphomag®

Amphomag®, a registered trademark owned by Premier Magnesia, LLC, is available for both individual orders and bulk pallet orders. Amphomag® is packaged in 3 lb. shaker bottles, 50 pound bags and 50 pound totes.

For more information related to specific experience relevant to your application, please contact us.

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