Emergency Spill Response Solution for Police

Police and Fire Departments are often first to arrive at the scene of an accident where hazardous materials have been spilled or are leaking from containers or vehicles. Amphomag® allows these emergency personnel to take immediate control of many types of hazardous spills, allowing for an increased margin of safety at the scene 

Amphomag® does two important things when applied

  1. Absorbs the liquid – Does not spread and potentially enter the environment or come into contact with people. 
  2. Neutralizes the liquid – Reduces strong acids and bases to neutral pHs creating a much safer situation

In these emergency situations, it is critical to:

  • Keep spilled material from contact with emergency personnel, accident victims or bystanders
  • Keep spilled material from entering environment, including drainage pipes, sewers, soil, streams and waterways
  • React quickly
Fire and Emergency Response
Fire and Emergency Response
Why choose Amphomag®?  It solves on-site emergency spills in an innovative single product.

  • Quicker response time – No guessing at identity of spilled material.
  • No misapplication – Ability to handle acids and bases.
  • Safely control spilled liquids and keep from entering the environment.

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Amphomag® is a registered trademark owned by Premier Magnesia, LLC.


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