Every minute counts when you are called to the scene of an emergency situation.  When it comes to hazardous materials, critical resources and smarter procedures are needed to analyze and dispose.

Amphomag® is regularly used by Police Drug Task Forces and other emergency responders for the neutralization of illegal methamphetamine production. Prior to Amphomag®, the only solution for dealing with clandestine drug laboratories was to collect and dispose of the materials used as hazardous waste.

How it Helps Your Department

  1. Reduce Costs – Avoid expensive hazardous material disposal fees by neutralizing chemicals on the spot
  2. Decrease Health & Safety Risks – Limit risks associated with exposure to illegal drug production and chemical spills
  3. Respond Quicker – No guessing at the identity of the spill required thanks to the built-in pH indicator

How it Works

This is more than a spill sorbant, it is an easy to use, all-in-one neutralizer.  When applied to a hazardous spill, Amphomag®’s color turns red for acids and blue for bases.  As Amphomag® neutralizes the spill, the color gradually changes to yellow or green.

Some companies require you to use at least two products or their one product only takes care of half the problem.  Amphomag® is one product that solves the issue in one step.

Amphomag 3 LB Shaker

Amphomag® can be used on acids, bases, organics, hydrocarbons, water reactive liquids, and many other spills.  This helps emergency responders eliminate incorrect application of spill clean-up.
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