Amphomag® Universal Spill Neutralizer vs. Other Chemicals

Conventional materials like lime and soda ash have been used for years and are cheaper per pound – but they are not as effective as specialty reagents chosen for their neutralization power (Amphomag® reduces usage by typically 30% and sometimes much more). Furthermore, some conventional materials are better on acids and some are better on bases. During an emergency response, it is difficult to determine if you need sodium bisulfate, sodium bicarbonate, sodium carbonate, calcium carbonate, or another product. The goal of Amphomag® is to reduce the response time necessary for an environmental solution to be put into place. Amphomag®, a registered trademark owned by Premier Magnesia, LLC, can be used on acids, bases, solvents, organic, and inorganic solutions. It adsorbs liquids, controls odors, and neutralizes gases.

Amphomag® vs. other clean-up products

The choice becomes even clearer when you compare Amphomag® with specialty chemicals like Spill-X®, Xsorb® or Spilfyter®. The use of these products demands that you keep several different types on hand to handle spills — you would need one product for acids, one for caustics, one for solvents, and so on. Amphomag® is a universal solution that simplifies response — it offers the ability to stock a single reagent to handle spills.
Product Information

Amphomag® is a cheaper solution 

If you average the three Spill-X® chemicals necessary for acids, bases, and solvents, Amphomag® is typically 30% to 60% cheaper per pound. In addition, Amphomag® is packaged in a popular 3-pound shaker bottle, compared to other products that often come in smaller 1- or 2-pound bottles. 

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