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Quickly manage hazardous chemical spills in the laboratory, warehouse, truck or any emergency situation with Amphomag®; your universal solution to treating all hazardous releases. Its built-in pH indicator changes colors when fully neutralized for safe and quick confirmation. Easy to use in multiple settings to neutralize chemical spills quickly and safely.

Advantages to Using Amphomag®

  • Reduce CostsAvoid expensive hazardous material disposal fees by neutralizing on-the-spot for safe removal
  • Need Only 1 Product - Works with acids, bases, liquids, odors, and gases
  • Decrease Health and Safety RisksLimit risks associated with exposure to chemical spills
  • Respond QuickerNo guessing at identity of the spill thanks to the built-in pH indicator

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Use your discount code given to you at the trade show towards your first order of Amphomag®.


Truck-Transportation-Distributor-Icon-ImageDistributor Opportunities

Amphomag® is used across a wide range of industries. Distributors benefit from:
  • Profitable Margins
  • Lower Stock and Fulfillment Costs
  • Driven Sales Due to Marketing Efforts