Spill Clean Up and Control Instructions

Spills happen at home or work. These incidents need to be minimized as much as possible. Immediate attention and control of hazardous spills and chemical accidents will ensure a safe environment for everyone.

Prevent and Control Spills
  • Maintain a neat and organized area.
  • Store chemicals and hazardous materials in areas not susceptible to harsh weather or temperatures.
  • Use secondary containment to store and move chemicals.
  • Clean up minor spills and leaks immediately using Amphomag® and personal protective equipment.
  • In the event that a spill occurs that cannot be immediately handled, call 911.
  • Make sure everyone who is near hazardous material storage and use these materials are trained in spill clean-up.

Instructions on How to Clean Up

Further Information

For more information on how Amphomag® can help clean-up spills on site, contact us.

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