Sales Tools  

Welcome to the sales tools area. This area will feature important internal documents to assist you with your Amphomag® sales. 

Document name  Industry Format  Download 
Ordering Instructions - Bulk  All  pdf Click here
Ordering Instructions - Indv.  All  pdf Click here 
Material Safety Data Sheet  All  pdf Click here
20 Ways to Win More Business  All  pdf Click here 
Trade Show Follow-up  All  pdf Click here
Competitive Selling Tips  All  pdf Click here
Get Prospects to Return Calls  All  pdf Click here
Keep on Cold Calling  All  pdf Click here 
How Customers Decide to Buy  All  pdf Click here
How to Organize a Day in Sales  All  pdf Click here
Make Your Friday Count  All  pdf Click here
Myths Salespeople Tell Themselves  All  pdf Click here
Things Every Sales Super Star Knows  All  pdf Click here
Voicemail Survival  All  pdf Click here