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Amphomag®, a registered trademark owned by Premier Magnesia, LLC, is a rapid response chemistry that safely absorbs and treats spills. This single product can be applied in an emergency situation to safely and easily control hazardous releases. It is used to: neutralize acids, neutralize bases, adsorb liquids, control odors and neutralize gases.

Amphomag® is available for large pallet bulk orders and smaller individuals order. Each bulk order is only available in pallets. If you are looking for anything less than a pallet, please order the individual item.

Individual / Bulk Options
  • 3 pound shaker bottles = 360 bottles per pallet
  • 50 pound bags = 40 bags per pallet
  • 50 pound totes = 20 totes per pallet
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  Individual - Under a Pallet

50 lb. Tote
50 lb. Bag

  Bulk - Pallet Options

Bulk Shaker - 360 bottles per pallet

Bulk 50 lb. Tote - 20 totes per pallet

Bulk 50 lb. Bag - 40 bags per pallet

Product Overview