Police and Drug Task Force

Stop Wasting Your Law Enforcement Agency's Time and Money

Use Amphomag® to instantly neutralize one-pot meth labs and gas generator bottles for meth labs! No more wasting money on containment services for meth labs.
One-pot meth lab neutralized with Amphomag, ready to be discarded


One Product for Spills

First Responders applying Amphomag® to an active one-pot meth lab
  Amphomag® has been widely used by Drug Task Force officers and other Law Enforcement personnel, Government Agencies and the Military. Amphomag® has been a great help to those working to discover and dismantle clandestine methamphetamine labs.

It's the safer, simpler method for special law enforcement and response agencies. Compare it to other products and see the advantages for your team.

Reduce Cost Not Response


  Funding is limited for your department. When your team uses Amphomag®, you will see savings at every level of the clean-up process.  Avoid expensive hazardous material disposal fees by neutralizing chemicals on-the-spot with Amphomag® for safe removal.  You will even reduce training costs since this product is so easy to learn how to use and operate on-site. 
How much would my organization save by using Amphomag to contain and neutralize methamphetamine seizures? Calculate my savings >>

Spill Control in Variety of Situations

Amphomag® Helps Your Response Team

  • Decrease health and safety risks
  • Respond quicker
  • Reduce accidental misuse on-site
  • Instantly neutralize one-pot meth labs and gas generators found at all types of meth labs
  • No more costly and dangerous containment methods required
First Responders removing an active meth lab from a car
Find out how Amphomag® has helped police and drug task force units reduce risk.
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Amphomag® is a registered trademark owned by Premier Magnesia, LLC.

Safety Procedures for Using Amphomag® for Methamphetamine Neutralization (PDF)

View how Amphomag® handles hazardous chemical spills.