Oxford, Alabama Police Rely on Amphomag® for Meth Lab Cleanup

The Oxford Police Department in Oxford, Alabama, has only two investigators trained in the disposal of clandestine labs: investigator Jason Webb and investigator Daniel Phipps. When responding to a methamphetamine call, Webb and Phipps are more often than not dealing with one-pot shake-and-bake labs and gas generators, not the in-home operation most people have seen on their local news.  
One pot labs contain all of the same hazardous concoctions, but instead of being confined to one location, one-pot labs are often used in a car and then discarded on the side of the road. They are called in by anonymous tips or are discovered by a police officer conducting a proactive traffic stop.  

Mobile labs need to be removed quickly and safely so police officers can conduct their investigation and make arrests without endangering the people at the scene and the surrounding community. Webb or Phipps responds to the scene, processes the lab and separates fuels from oxidizers, then transports the chemicals back to the police department where they neutralize the lab themselves with Amphomag®.  

“Amphomag is the safest and most environmentally-friendly way to go about breaking down and neutralizing meth labs,” says Webb. “It also is an easier and more cost-effective way to take care of a lab.”  

Amphomag® is an amphoteric material that can neutralize acids and bases and adsorb organics, hydrocarbons, water-reactive liquids and many other chemicals that can threaten human and environmental health and safety. Its innovative multi-range pH indicator further simplifies the neutralization process, turning red when it is first applied to an acid, and blue when it is applied to a base. As Amphomag® neutralizes the substance, the color gradually changes to yellow or green.  

“The color indicator shows us when the chemicals are back to pH neutral. When we see that color, we go ahead and add more Amphomag® until it is rock hard. Then we conduct a final pH test,” says Webb. “Once it is neutralized, the substance is safe for the environment and can be disposed of in a regular manner, along with other household products.”  

Webb and Phipps were trained to identify, investigate, seize, and neutralize clandestine labs by Jake Kelton, former narcotics officer and founder of MERIT Training Programs. When Kelton introduced them to Amphomag®, Webb and Phipps started ordering it by the 50-pound tote. No third party hazardous clean-up crew. No DEA Authorized Central Storage program. Together, Webb and Phipps are saving their department thousands of dollars per year in meth lab cleanup costs.