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Help your customers address spills quickly and safely with Amphomag's unique one-stop chemical neutralizer.

We are proud of our distributor network at Amphomag, a registered trademark owned by Premier Magnesia, LLC. They extend the benefits of our product to safety suppliers, laboratories, special law enforcement, hazmat response, industrial, commercial, and more around the world. Amphomag benefits many industries. Find out if it would benefit your customers.

We are always seeking to expand our network of distributors and would really like to hear from you if you are interested in representing our product. Amphomag® is looking for distributors throughout the world.


  Benefits to Becoming a Distributor of Amphomag® 
  • Higher profits
  • Lower stock and fulfillment costs
  • Driven sales due to marketing efforts

  Why Amphomag? 
  • Neutralizes hazardous spills on-site
  • 1 single product - treats most acids and bases
  • pH color indicator reveals acid, base and neutralization 

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